Our Mission

Enabling those to experience the rarely visited destinations of the former Soviet Union.

As travel becomes increasingly superficial, we have made it our goal to provide a more rewarding experience with deeper meaning than just crossing off a list of sites that need to be visited. With Slavic Soul Travel we will scratch deeper below the surface, involving the local community, businesses and educational establishments.

If you ever wanted to see the Soviet Union, but thought you’d missed it, here it is perfectly preserved in Transnistria. Our tours focus on the everyday life and culture of the Soviet Union, which can be experienced in many of our destinations such as the collective farm in Moldova, the dairy plant in Tiraspol and a visit to Chernobyl in Ukraine.

Why Travel by Bus?

As most people are restricted by a maximum holiday of 7-14 days, the most time efficient way to travel is by bus. Trains in Ukraine and Moldova to many of our destinations are either infrequent, painfully slow or both. Meaning the trip would not be viable if we used any other form of transport. Despite personally being a lover of train travel, this trip by bus heightens the adventure and sense of discovery.

This is a true road trip, hitting the dirt tracks of Eastern Europe on a journey that will take us half way across the continent. We travel through small villages, and stop at local cafes in very hard to reach locations which tourists seldom get to see, a glimpse into the lives of a bygone era. We have the ability to stop when we choose, taking in the landscape in some of the most stunning locations. We have recently invested in a most comfortable and spacious VW T5 9 seater, 4 wheel drive bus which is fully air conditioned. In the months from June to September temperatures can soar to over 30 degrees celsius.